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verbal avowal

a statement of acknowledgment or admission

Synonyms - avowal

Formal decision of a trial jury.


 A travel document that gives permission for an individual to leave and enter a specified country, over a certain amount of time.

Voir Dire

The questioning of prospective jurors being selected to try a case, regarding their qualifications or any bias or prejudice, which would allow their removal through the use of challenges for cause and/or peremptory challenges.


The minor being discussed in probate and guardianship cases

Synonyms - proposed ward

A warrant is an order from the court to law enforcement to take someone or something into custody. Some warrant information is forwarded to law enforcement agencies throughout Arizona. For example, the court may order a “bench” warrant for law enforcement to arrest someone who failed to appear in court, or the court may issue a search warrant for law enforcement to seize and remove property from a person, place, or thing.


A legal document that states what a person wants done with his or her belongings after death


Person who gives testimony regarding what he/she saw or heard.

Writ of Execution

A writ of execution is an order to the constable to serve the defendant and attempt to collect on the judgment.

Writ of restitution

An enforcement order of an eviction. After a specified period of time if a tenant who has been evicted stays on the property a writ of restitution allows a sheriff or constable to remove the tenant from the property and allows the landlord to change the locks on the residence.

Synonyms - Restitution