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Yuma - Derecho civil

Enmienda/Corrección de un Acta de Nacimiento para un Adulto

You may use this form if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You were born in the state of Arizona, you are 18 or older, and there is an error on your birth certificate.
  • You already asked the Office of Vital Records if it was a correction they could make for FREE - and the answer was "No."
  • You want the Court to issue an Order to correct that error.
  • You are prepared to present a certified copy of your Arizona birth certificate that contains the incorrect information.
  • You are able to present evidence supporting what you say is the correct information, AND
  • You understand that if the evidence you have presented with this Petition or that you bring to court with you is not enough to satisfy the Court:
    • You may be ordered to return to court with more/other supporting information, or
    • Your case may be dismissed and you wi
    • ll not receive a refund of any court fees.

pdf Petición para Enmendar Acta de Nacimiento de un Adulto (678 KB)