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Emancipation Form Criteria

Arizona Civil Legal Needs Community Survey

Civil legal organizations in Arizona are seeking your input to increase their ability to meet the civil legal needs of Arizona's lower income residents. Please complete this survey to assist in improving civil legal services in Arizona.

Encuesta de Necesidades Legales Civiles de Arizona

Las organizaciones legales civiles en Arizona buscan su opinión para aumentar su capacidad de satisfacer las necesidades legales civiles de los residentes de bajos ingresos de Arizona. Por favor complete esta encuesta para ayudar a mejorar los servicios legales civiles en Arizona.

A child 16 years and older is able to petition the court to become emancipated from their parents.  For this to happen the youth must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 16 years old
  • A resident of Arizona
  • Financially self-sufficient
  • Have a written statement saying that they understand the process, risks, and rights involved
  • The youth is not a ward of the court or in the custody of the state

Form Criteria:

  • Case Number (Must be Written on Each Page of Forms being Filed).
  • Social Security Number (If Applicable)
  • Monthly Income
  • Employer’s Information
  • Yearly Income
  • Monthly Expenses and Debts
  • Personal Assets (Bank Accounts, Trusts, etc.)
  • If you are receiving any form of government assistance must place on forms
  • Names of individuals who you financially support and expenses amount spent on those you financial support
  • Mailing Address
  • Current Address
  • Must be a Resident of Arizona
  • Must have one or more of the following documents to help your case:
    1.    Proof that You have been living on your own for three months
    2.    Statement stating why environment with guardian or parent is not safe or healthy
    3.    Notarized Statement from parent or guardian containing written consent that they approve your emancipation with an explanation.