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Superior Court Appellate Form Criteria

Information to complete the forms should be TYPED rather than handwritten.

To file for an appeal to the Superior Court you will need:

  • Time and patience
  • Case number
  • Appeal must be filed no later than 14 days after the final judgment of the lower court
  • Court transcripts of previous trials pertaining to the appeal or details of the transcript order with expected date of completion
  • The following documents:
    • Notice of Appeal
    • Docket of proceedings
    • Record of payment of bonds
    • The Complaint, Answer, Counter or Cross Claims, any amendments, and all proofs of service
    • The Judgment, Order, or other Ruling that is the subject of the appeal or cross appeal
    • Written motions, responses, and replies
    • Exhibits
    • The record or transcript of the trial
  • Fees must be paid at time of filing
    • If requesting a fee waiver or deferral knowledge of monthly income statements, monthly expenses, and current assets

Required formatting for Memorandum:

  • Typed or printed (must be legible)
  • 15 pages or less, not including certified exhibits
    • Single-sided printing
  • Double spaced if typed
  • Include
    • The Facts: a short statement of the facts of your case.  References to the Record on Appeal should support your factual statements.
    • Your Argument: a short statement explaining why you believe the ruling of the lower court to be incorrect.  Include references to court rules, state statutes, and case law.
    • Your Conclusion: a summarizing statement clarifying what you want the Superior Court to do.
  • If you wish to appear and make a statement to the Superior Court, you have to state "Oral Argument Requested" in the caption on the first page