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FAQ - Domestic Violence and Harassment

Arizona Civil Legal Needs Community Survey

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How do I ask for an Order of Protection?

Regular orders of protection are requested by filing a Petition with a courthouse in Arizona and then stating why one is necessary while in front of a judge. There are a few ways to access a Petition: Order of Protection online with AZPOINT, on paper at a courthouse, or at a Protective Order center (where available). There is no fee to file a Petition for an Order of Protection or to have it served to the defendant.


AZPOINT ( is a free application that is designed to help a person fill out the paperwork for a Protective Order. AZPOINT can be used on a desktop computer, a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. At AZPOINT, the user sets up an account and, through a guided interview, fills out court documents at their own speed. The user is able to save and leave the website, keeping their work in draft files until they are submitted in the portal. The documents remain in their AZPOINT account for 90 days.

When the victim completes their application in AZPOINT, the system creates a confirmation number for their petition. Keep the confirmation number confidential. When the victim is ready to proceed with their petition, they must file it with a court. They will need the confirmation number generated by AZPOINT so that court staff can pull up their documents.

To find a nearby court, click Find My Court. The victim may file with any municipaljustice, or superior court. If the victim and offender have an open family court case (divorce, custody, etc.), the victim MUST file with the superior court that is handling the family court case.

There is a safety button (an escape button) in AZPOINT, but it does not wipe browser history. If the offender has access to the victim’s electronic devices and online accounts, it is recommended that the victim wipe their browser history after using AZPOINT.


If the victim chooses to file their documents on paper, the court will provide the forms to them at no cost. They will be asked to fill out the Plaintiff Information Sheet, the Petition, and the Service of Process Information Form. Fill out the forms provided by the court and return them to either the court clerk or designated staff in the Protective Order center. 

Things to Note:

  • A copy of the petition will be given to the defendant if an Order of Protection is issued and sent out for service.
  • Although an order may protect more than one person, only one offender (defendant) can be listed. If the victim feels like they are in danger from more than one person, they will have to file a separate petition for each person.

•    Protective order forms