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In Arizona, there are a number of different Acts that govern the landlord tenant relationship.  The Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act (ARLTA) is the law that generally governs residential tenancies.  You can obtain a free copy of ARLTA by visiting the Arizona Department of Housing website.

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1. ARLTA Includes Information About...

  • Rights and obligations of the landlord
  • Rights and obligations of the tenant
  • Who is covered and who is not
    • For example, individuals residing in a dorm are not covered
  • Definition of words
    • For example, “landlord,” “tenant,” and “good faith”
  • Terms in the lease
  • How utilities can be charged
  • Terms that are prohibited
    • For example, prohibition on calling the police
  • Provisions for victims of domestic violence
  • What kind of notice a landlord can give and how a tenant can fix a breach
  • What type of notice the tenant can give a landlord and how the landlord can fix a breach
  • How to legally end a month to month lease
  • What happens to the property of the tenant after moving out
  • Eviction actions