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Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time Resources

Arizona Civil Legal Needs Community Survey

Civil legal organizations in Arizona are seeking your input to increase their ability to meet the civil legal needs of Arizona's lower income residents. Please complete this survey to assist in improving civil legal services in Arizona.

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Las organizaciones legales civiles en Arizona buscan su opinión para aumentar su capacidad de satisfacer las necesidades legales civiles de los residentes de bajos ingresos de Arizona. Por favor complete esta encuesta para ayudar a mejorar los servicios legales civiles en Arizona.
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Long Distance Parenting and Relocation

Long-distance parenting rules can apply whenever the the move between homes is more than 100 miles or there is travel between two states.  The long-distance move of a child is only permitted when the move is in the best interest of the child.

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Children are Helped When

The emotional health of parental relationships largely depends on the attitudes and actions exhibited.  Consider the following to best benefit the children:

  • Help the child have regular contact with the other parent by phone, letter, audio and videotapes, e-mail, and other forms of communication
  • Keep predictable schedules

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Vacation Considerations

Most parents agree to set time for each parent to enjoy a vacation with the child.  Whether you are traveling for vacation or just staying home, your child will enjoy spending any time you can take away from work with you. 

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The Necessity of Parenting Plans

Written parenting plans provide children and parents with predictability and consistency and can prevent future conflict.  Courts prefer that parents reach agreements about parenting time.

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Children are Harmed When

The emotional health of parental relationships largely depends on the attitudes and actions exhibited.  Consider the following that can be dangerous to the children:

  • Make their child choose between them
  • Question their child about the activities and relationships of the other parent

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School Break Considerations

School districts determine the break schedule and yearly calendar well in advance.  The first step is to determine which breaks the school observes.  Schools may have spring, summer, fall, and winter breaks as well as early release and other school release days.  Consider the activities of the child and the availability of the parents during breaks.


Considerations When Choosing a Plan

Ask yourself the following questions when composing a parenting plan:

  • How old is the child?
  • How mature is the child?
  • What is the personality of the child?

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Holidays to Consider

Holidays are a big consideration when determining parenting time; think about it from the point of view of the child.  Things to keep in mind are the traditions the child has experienced throughout their life and how altering these traditions might affect these traditions.  Children enjoy having the opportunity to have special time with each parent and extended family members.

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